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Our Bees

Bees become more central to our operation every year.  We raise Carniolans, and they have a huge range of pollen and nectar available on their foraging flights.


2022 was another great year for honey production at Garman Farm.  We increased the number of colonies in our set-up, and planted supplemental sources of food, including large patches or buckwheat and more cut flowers. 

Our Farm

We operate on five beautiful acres in Middletown, Rhode Island.  The land, owned by the Aquidneck Land Trust, was formerly part of a conventional potato farm for decades. 


During the course of the season, we grow about 40 different vegetable and fruit crops for our Farm Share and wholesale customers.  We specialize in heirloom and difficult-to-find vegetables, including Amish Paste tomatoes, Blacktail Mountain watermelon, and Tondo di Piacenza round zucchini.


We also maintain extensive flower gardens across the farm.  At the height of the season, Michelle's old-fashioned zinnia, yarrow, and strawflowers provide a riot of color across the fields. 

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